Jonathan Scharrer

Jonathan Scharrer is the Director of the Restorative Justice Project legal clinic at the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Frank J. Remington Center. One of his main roles with the Restorative Justice Project is as a facilitator of victim-offender dialogues in sensitive crimes and crimes of severe violence. As part of his work to foster the increased use of restorative practices as a means of conflict resolution, Jonathan has also facilitated a large number of community-building, peacemaking, and repairing harm circles in a wide array of community, school, and correctional settings. These circles have dealt with complex topics ranging from bullying, gangs, and racism to domestic disputes, criminal behavior, and the overarching issue of violence in our communities.

Jonathan has also developed and facilitated restorative justice programming for use in correctional institutions as both standalone and integrated components. Additionally, Jonathan is an experienced facilitator in the community conferencing model and trainer in restorative practices. Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin Law School, Jonathan was engaged in the private practice of law and taught undergraduate courses on criminal procedure and juvenile justice as an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University. During this time, he also worked closely with Marquette University Law School’s Restorative Justice legal clinic, as well as the Restorative Justice Initiative, as a volunteer facilitator of victim-offender dialogues. While working as a volunteer with the Restorative Justice Initiative, he also created an instructional film produced by Marquette University on the theory and practice of restorative circle process facilitation.