Mika Dashman

Mika Dashman is an attorney, mediator, and a restorative justice practitioner. She has spent more than six years providing direct legal services to indigent individuals at several New York City non-profits, including Housing Works, Inc., where she also worked on all aspects of the agency’s civil rights impact docket. Ms. Dashman is a New York State-certified mediator and she currently mediates criminal court cases and facilitates community conferences through the New York Peace Institute. Ms. Dashman is an active member of the Restorative Justice League of New York City, a broad network of practitioners and community members seeking to promote restorative justice as a viable, evidence-based alternative to the retributive justice system and to punitive discipline in schools. Ms. Dashman is also the founder of and Project Coordinator for the New York City Restorative Justice Resource Initiative. Ms. Dashman is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and the City University of New York School of Law.