Stuart Webb

Stuart Webb founded Collaborative Law in 1990, after becoming disillusioned with the acrimony and negativity traditionally associated with divorce. Since then, he has trained other lawyers in forty states and in Europe.  After practicing traditional civil law for eight years and family law for seventeen years, was approaching burnout.  Webb disliked the adversarial nature of his practice. He was finding it harder and harder to tolerate the schizophrenic nature of trial work and the incivility that seemed to be increasing. Webb didn’t like going to work in the morning. He was going to ditch his law practice unless he could come up with another way to continue his family practice.

Webb started thinking, and he came up with a model that would allow him to do the parts of his practice he liked and eliminate the rest. He worked with a lawyer he trusted in face- to-face meetings to achieve settlement for clients. But the model fell apart. The two lawyers had not thought about getting out when disputes were not resolved. Webb is currently retired and trains lawyers around the world in collaborative law.