Looking for Contributors for PISLAP E-Newsletter

Photo Source:   Unsplash  via  Blake Verdoorn

Photo Source: Unsplash via Blake Verdoorn

This year, PISLAP is undergoing many new endeavors with the intention of creating a more open space for members to collaborate, learn, and participate in PISLAP's movement. Starting in June 2015, PISLAP will launch its first email newsletter which will highlight the work of its members.  The newsletter will include areas of interest among members, as well as members' work and achievements; blogging opportunities, announcements for local and national events, and much more. 

Between now and May, materials will be collected and published in the first ever PISLAP e-newsletter, which is expected to circulate four times a year.  We invite all PISLAP members to submit some of their work, which can include anything from a previous blog post, an article, information or news about current work, or details about local meetings and events. 
Artwork and photos are also welcome.

If you have any materials you would like to contribute, please email contactpislap@gmail.com.