UK PISLAP Contingent: the Conscious Lawyer


1. Legal Innovation and Community Charters : (a) Established Community Charter for Falkirk (,
its place in bringing communities together to resist unconventional gas extraction in Scotland ( ).
(b) Established Community Charter for St Ives, bringing communities together to give a sense of identity - see video (
(c) draft Charter with Darlington, meeting community in East Gilling in North Yorkshire on 1 Feb who are interested in a Charter to help them resist fracking.


2. Watershed Charters and Public Trust Doctrine
(a) Commissioned by the Bioregional Learning Centre to carry out work for a Watershed Charter (see

3. Collaboration with Universities
(a) Gave workshop to Sussex Uni’s LLM students introducing them to earth law principles (Nov 2017)
(b) Giving workshop to Westminster Uni LLM students in March 2017 with Andreas, around “Emotional
Contouring and Spatial Ethics for Spatial Justice”.
(c) Potential legal clinic collaboration with Sussex Uni’s LLM students (see below)

4. Unregulated Legal Services (under Legal Services Act 2007)
(a) A market in “unregulated legal services” is a disruption that can allow “value led” practices to

Interview of Mothiur by Elaine: (

Stir Magazine Article