Publication of Peter Gabel's new book

Dear Fellow PISLAP folks,


I am delighted to announce the launch of our own Peter Gabel's new book The Desire for Mutual Recognition: Social Movements and the Dissolution of the False Self,published by Routledge Press last week. 


The book is a work of critical social theory that was described by our colleague Fania Davis in the following beautiful way:


"Karl Marx considered the class struggle the engine of human history.  In The Desire for Mutual Recognition, however, Peter Gabel boldly asserts the existence of a deeper underlying motive factor:  the dynamic of our human yearning, whether towards frustration or fulfillment, to co-create and inhabit a universe of authentic, loving connection and mutual recognition.  Human liberation requires us to intentionally embed social-spiritual strategies within socio-political movements to radically challenge social fear while generating powerful experiences of mutual recognition that support the evolution of humanity toward its full realization. To read this entrancing work is itself to gain entrance into a re-sacralized dimension, evocative of a new future."

To learn more about Peter's book, please consult the Routledge web page for it at:

There you will find early praise for the book by Cornel West, Duncan Kennedy, Michael Lerner and several others. And I also encourage you to read this excellent review on AlterNet by psychoanalyst Michael Bader:

And please order the book on Amazon and write a review!

AND Peter will speaking to us about the book on our regular monthly PISLAP call for April 12th at 6pm eastern time.

Every good wish,